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Responsible, Performance-Driven Protective Clothing: PULSAR®

With a long-standing history dating back to 1979, PULSAR® has preserved its vision in pushing the boundaries of manufacturing innovation – supplying working professionals with high-performance, hi-visibility clothing and protective workwear.


PULSAR® is a leading name in certified, hi-visibility protective apparel, operating with four factories worldwide, collaborating with more than 300 distribution partners and selling over 4 million garments to date.

Founded by Ian Jukes over 40 years ago, Praybourne Limited – as it was named back then – began its manufacturing journey in the fishing industry, supplying luggage and accessories for procurers nationwide. Less than a decade later, the company moved to larger premises, and after three successive expansions, it relocated to its current base of operations in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Following the move, Ian’s son, Stuart Jukes, joined the business in 1999 and established a second generation for the family-owned company. Shortly after, the first hint of the PULSAR® brand began to show, with the business adding high-frequency reflective welding accessories and thermal and flame retardant base layer collections to its growing product portfolio. Later, in 2007, the business developed and launched its first collection of hi-visibility professional safety garments, and the brand as it’s now known came to fruition.

Today, PULSAR® is recognised as a global leader in hi-visibility clothing and high-performance protective workwear, with its certified, technologically advanced apparel products designed to protect wearers from all elements and potential workplace hazards. An experienced PULSAR® design team continues to refine its extensive line of protective clothing products, with renowned collections including PULSAR® Protect ARC & FR, PULSAR® Evolution, PULSAR® Blizzard Thermals and the GRS-certified PULSAR® Life. Following decades of innovation, PULSAR® remain committed to making working life safer and more comfortable for professionals across a breadth of industries, and the brand shows no signs of standing still.


Protecting Professionals & The Environment

Forward-thinking in its approach and recognising the widespread impact that the professional clothing and wider textile industry can have on the environment, the business has elevated its focus on environmentally responsible practice and is leading the way for workwear manufacturers in a number of key areas.

PULSAR® is carbon-neutral certified and is the first workwear supplier to sign on to the Microfibre Consortium, and the first to join the UK’s ambitious Textiles 2030 initiative, with the organisation making authentic strides in developing knowledge and skillsets to further understand and evaluate its impact on the environment. As a partner signatory to Textiles 2030, PULSAR® aims to adopt a more circular approach to garment design and is actively collecting and analysing data at each stage of the product lifecycle – from fibre breakdown to the mass of fabrics being sold to customers – as part of its journey to make each area of the business as environmentally responsible as possible.

In its mission to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’, the business developed its signature PULSAR® Life collection, a range of high quality, hi-visibility garments that have been designed with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified fabrics and materials, including environmentally responsible recycled polyester, nominated recycled linings, trims and Bluesign® approved treatments. With durability, inclusivity and circularity at the forefront of its development, the Life collection currently comprises of eight hi-visibility, high-performance garments, including a reversible puffer jacket, a stretch combat trouser, moisture-wicking polo shirts, an insulated parka, a softshell jacket and a brand-new breathable, class 4 waterproof shell jacket and over trouser – each available in yellow and orange and conforming to EN ISO:20471 design requirements.


Comfortable With Inclusivity

Quality, comfort and protection have always been a priority for PULSAR®. With a comprehensive research and testing ideology, the brand is committed to exceeding wearer expectations and has been driven to change the market attitudes and approach to protective clothing for female professionals.

For too long, women across multiple industries and sectors have been forced to wear ill-fitting workwear and PPE, leaving female professionals uncomfortable and at risk in their roles. PULSAR® works closely with women’s working groups to develop comfortable and functional hi-visibility protective workwear for female professionals. With an experienced female product design team, PULSAR® controls fit development in-house and offers extensive wearer trials to ensure ladies’ garments are tested in the working environment, with a view to informing the development process and supporting a range of sizes and body shapes. As a result, each garment in the PULSAR® Life collection is available in an equal number of men’s and women’s fits.

In promoting a diverse working culture, PULSAR® has also introduced its first-ever workwear Hijab. The Blizzard Thermal Hijab was conceptualised and created in conjunction with a Senior Advisor at Severn Trent and upon receiving overwhelming positive feedback, it is now available across global markets. The inclusive garment provides exceptional thermal and wicking performance and offers full coverage of the wearer’s head and neck, with an elongated back helping to ensure the product remains in place and offers maximum comfort throughout the working day.


Pride In Performance

PULSAR® continues to push the boundaries of innovation in hi-visibility clothing and protective workwear. By listening to end users throughout each stage of a garment’s lifecycle and combining practical and performance-led product design with hand-picked production facilities, the brand is well-positioned to support the developing needs of its customers, the market and the planet for generations to come.

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