#BeGreenBeSeen - 1 Year On

March 18, 2021

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Around this time last year, we launched our #BeGreenBeSeen campaign – our pledge to creating a greener, more sustainable future for not only ourselves as a business, but the planet in general.

We released a video last April outlining the steps we had already taken, such as installing solar panels onto our warehouse roof, implementing electric cars into the business, and removing plastic banding from all our imported boxes.

On top of this we mentioned a few things that we had in the pipeline, and we feel now, nearly 12 months on and on Global Recycling Day, is the right time to provide an update on how 3 of those projects are going…

Recyclable Garment Packaging

We are delighted to announce that, from Spring 2021, every single PULSAR® garment will be packaged in a plastic bag that is not only recyclable but also made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

When we launched #BeGreenBeSeen, this was at the top of the agenda, and something we knew would go a long way to our end goal of removing all single use plastics from the business. Single use plastic packaging is polluting the oceans and landfills worldwide, so anything we can do to reduce that, we will do.

Paperless Pick & Packing System

Our Warehouse Management System project is making significant progress. Within the next couple of months, we will hopefully be in a position where the process of picking orders – from the original processing all the way to the packing – will be completely paperless.

This will not only save the company time and money but will also drastically reduce the amount of paper we use on a daily basis as a business.

Recycling Lives Partnership

Towards the end of 2020, we were delighted to start working with Recycling Lives, one of the UK’s leading total waste management businesses.

As a garment manufacturer and supplier, we tend to have a lot of end-of-life garments and textile waste that would otherwise be thrown away. However, Recycling Lives offer a solution that gives the textiles a new lease of life as Waste Processed Fibre or Refuse Derived Fuel.

Debbie Huntley, our Product Development Manager, said of the partnership “we have partnered with Recycling Lives to ensure that we can recycle our textile waste at Head Office responsibly”. This is another big step for #BeGreenBeSeen, providing our garments and textiles with a fully sustainable life cycle.

We are keen, however, to relay the same message we did 12 months ago – we still have a lot more to do, and we are continuing to make the strides necessary to become the greenest, most sustainable business we possibly can be.

Becoming more environmentally friendly isn’t a box ticking exercise for us – we genuinely care about reducing our carbon footprint, becoming greener and doing as much as we can to give our planet the best possible future.

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