With experts now claiming that there is as little as 11 years until climate change causes irreversible damage to our planet, it is vitally important that businesses across the world do all that they can to become more sustainable, and we are no different.

Here at PULSAR®, we are extremely passionate about becoming as environmentally friendly as possible, so we have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint and become a greener business from top to bottom.

We are now officially launching our #BeGreenBeSeen intiative, which is our pledge to doing all we can to help save our planet.


Introducing Electric Cars into the business

Removing single use plastics from all of our garments

Install 60 solar panels to create renewable energy to power our business

Only use recyclable banding on boxes we ship to our customers

Remove all non-recyclable plastic banding from boxes imported from our partners worldwide

Install heat insulation on the roof of our head office and warehouse facility


Even though we have made changes to our processes and how we work as a business, we know that we can be, and need to be, doing even more.

We have set ourselves a number of challenges and goals over the next 3 years as we strive to become the greenest business we possibly can be.


Implement a 100% paperless warehouse management system, by the end of 2020

Replace plastic packaging of garments with recyclable packaging, made from recycled materials, by the end of 2021

Redesign our complete protective clothing collection to only use recycled or sustainable fabrics and yarns, by the end of 2022