Our Mission Statement

As a company, our end goal is ultimately to become as environmentally friendly and as sustainably profitable as possible.

Whenever we identify possible changes that could be made to our production strategy, our route to market or our day-to-day running as a business that will benefit the environment, we will endeavour to make sure those changes come to fruition to ensure the wearer's of our clothing can be green as well as be seen.


We have already taken some strides towards becoming a more sustainable, environmentally friendly business by changing a number of things within the way we package and design our garments as well as the way we operate as a business on a day-to-day basis.

Take a look below at a selection of the things we have implemented across the business so far. Ranging from changes to the boxes we have imported into us from China, to the introduction of fully electric cars into the business...

Insulated Roofing System
Biodegradable, naturally sourced twine hang-tag
Updated Swing Ticket, using 90% less paper
No plastic banding on boxes imported from China


There is, however, still plenty more we could be doing to ensure we become the most sustainable business we possibly can - and we continue to work towards doing just that on a daily basis. We have a number of commitments and goals set out that we will achieve in the next 5 years, ensuring the wearer's of our clothing can not only be seen, but also be green.

Becoming carbon neutral, sourcing a new recyclable way of packaging our garments and incorporating more environmentally-friendly fabrics into the construction of our clothing are all things we are looking into and endeavouring to implement in the business.

Commitment to completely offset our carbon footprint by 2022
Source a new, recyclable way of packaging our garments
Incorporate more environmentally-friendly fabrics into our garments


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